Our Story

The Freewheel Project was founded in 2012 by Tony Hoffman, former BMX racing professional and renowned public speaker on substance abuse. Tony wanted to start a program that brought access to hundreds of kids in his community through action sports. Since that time, the Freewheel Project has focused on it’s mission to: “Develop healthy life choices in youth through action sports.”

The popular culture of action sports is growing, however, it still remains unnoticed throughout school districts, nationwide. Action sports complexes can plague youth with negative and dangerous behaviors that often influence even the best youth into making bad choices. The Freewheel Project serves as a positive covering for youth who participate in action sports, through our various programs as we mentor and encourage kids to avoid negative behaviors and lead by example.

For more information about our founder you can visit his speaking page at www.TonyHoffmanSpeaking.com

"Tony, The Fresno County Credit Union, MADD, and all the volunteers played an impactful role this summer for our campers. I believe seeds of good character and making healthy choices were planted in the field of that BMX park."

Karen Ruhl
FWP Volunteer

"It was a great learning experience for my boys. Not just with the bikes but with the drug & alcohol and banking education. As a parent I would recommend this to all the parents I know for their children."

Janalee Ybarra Jones

"The freewheel project was a amazing experience. It brought back memories from when I was younger and raced. I met some really cool people and made some very loyal friends. Mainly the freewheel project taught me how to keep and save money and how to spend my money we made more efficiently. Tony opened my eyes to a completely different world. Just hearing his story taught me that no matter how difficult or low things can get you can always get yourself out of it depending on your commitment and dedication to do something and pursue your dreams. I want to thank all the volunteers, the kids who were in the camp, but mainly tony Hoffman and his parents because they changed my mind set completely."

Juwan Howard
FWP BMX summer camp graduate